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People Discovery Leadership ModelWBook for your free consultatione help Leaders, Business Owners and Individuals to create a better experience. We help you build strong  and winning thought systems, with intelligent and emotional insights to gain greater confidence, share better relationships and create winning teams and lives by helping you to unlock your true potential helping you resolve internaland external conflicts forever. We're passionate about helping people improving their experience and therefore the experience of everyone they impact.
"Be the Change You Wish To See."

-Mahatma Ghandi

Our philosophy is based on the People Discovery Leadership Model.  When leaders and individuals are aligned with the principles of the model, they are not only in touch with their true selves, they are also effective and empowered leaders.

People Discovery Coaching


Christina has extensive experience coaching at CEO, Board and senior levels throughout all sectors.  Having led large and small teams in the public, not for profit and private sector, Christina understands the pressures faced by leaders, managers and business leaders.   When nothing seems to be working, it’s time to understand “There must be another way” and this is where Christina can support you to unearth your power to be the change you want to be. Read More

People Discovery Organisations


Whatever the business problem, Christina has probably encountered it.  With a strong successful leadership background, she spent the later part of her employed career as a strategist and people planner.  She also helped teams within all sectors get great results and successfully turned around  a number of poor performing teams, picking performance results up from the floor and raising them to the top.   Her time as an HR Business partner and strategist was  Read More

People Discovery Teams


An experienced speaker and facilitator, at both conferences and team events, Christina is able to bring inspiratonal content and learning strategies to your business or team.  Agreeing your key requirements and understanding your business to deliver your intended outcomes is a key aim.  With a wealth of experience and inspirational strategies to achieve a lasting result for your team. Read More

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Sharing her experience and expertise,  Christina has penned a number of books as well as her extensive blog.  Thought provoking with “how to” help lists, tools and strategies, you can get the help you need by choosing from the following:


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