Introduce A Life-Long Learning Culture

life-long learning

Be an organisation that supports life-long learning! If you are a Leader, Manager or HR Professional then you may have established a life-long learning habit.  A recent survey by CIPD “The Coaching Climate” shows that out of 332 responses from organisations; 77% of them used coaching and mentoring.  All activity … Read More

Know How + Great HR = Inspiration

Inspiration is the best way to engage people! Or  does it make you squirm? You may be an HR Professional leader or manager relying on HR to help move your business forward.  When discussing strategy with people of different roles at many levels, I have often been met with a … Read More

The Steps to Organisational Change

Welcome to this weeks Guest Blogger.  Paul Myers is the HR Manager for a local transport company.  He has initiated significant change in his organisation and has managed to keep his staff on board.  He is a people centric manager who has considered how to increase and harness employee engagement … Read More

Organisational Change – Making the Best of Bad News

organisational change

Its not the organisational change – its how you do it! I recently held a workshop which had a section around organisational change and particularly redundancy.  It’s obviously a big subject at the minute, and one which is exercising many managers and HR professionals. What struck me about the difference … Read More

Sparking Creativity

Welcome to this weeks’ Guest blogger – I am really pleased to introduce Claire Marriott.  I have known and worked with Claire over a number of years.  We instantly developed a rapport as we both had similar views about innovation, creativity and life!  Claire has a flair for weaving creativity … Read More

Make your Innovative Idea come to Life

The innovative process is available to everyone! You either own or run a business, and so you know what it takes to make a concept work.  You must be providing a product or a service which is or has been in demand.  If your business is thriving then congratulations, if … Read More

Emotions – What People Managers Need to Know – Part Three


 People Managers need to know about Emotions! This is my third blog in a series of 3, where I take a look at 3 basic psychological components which great people leaders and managers know and work with to create great teams. In Part One, I outlined the importance of the … Read More