Challenging Limiting Beliefs Is A Leadership Skill


Understanding how people tick is essential for a leader, especially at the level of our beliefs. Beliefs create our individual and collective worlds.  Millions of pieces of information are available to us at any one time.  Our beliefs and the parameters which are then laid down by our beliefs determine … Continue reading

21 Ways To Use MBTI To Help You and Your Team


MBTI is an essential tool for you and your team. As a leader, manager or HR Professional, one of your foundational strengths is the depth of your own self-awareness and awareness of how other’s tick.   You know the key to motivating people is being completely open and transparent and being … Continue reading

3 Steps to Harness the Power of the Mind for Organisational Transformation

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In my article about the Hidden Power for Leadership and Life, I wrote about how beliefs, attitudes and expectations drive the outcomes within teams.  In today’s blog I am expanding on those ideas and identifying how the power of the mind can be harnessed to lead your team. The conscious … Continue reading

Putting Your Results In Perspective For Effective Leadership


Of course, most leadership positions in the business world are focussed on achievement and results. Meeting targets, getting results, setting goals are usually the main focus of any board or CEO.  After all, isn’t it the job of the leader about taking and leading others to a pre-determined destination? Usually … Continue reading

50 Ways you can make a difference as a leader for 2014 – Join the leadership challenge!

The 50 Week Leadership Challenge

I would like to invite you to a leadership challenge. Don’t worry there is no work required from you during this leadership challenge.  You can simply read,  observe, catch up if that is what you would like to do.  Alternatively, if something inspires you, then please join in, submit relevant … Continue reading

A Creative Look At Routine – 5 Steps To Transform Your Routine Processes or Tasks


Are you creative in your routine? A human myth is that there are creative people and people who simply aren’t.  The truth is that we are all creating.   Some of us simply create more routine in our lives than others.  Some create a more adventurous lifestyle, hone artistic qualities or … Continue reading

14 Ways to Be a Great Team Player At Work


In the new social world we now live in, the importance of teamwork in any organisation is key.  Being a collaborative team player, aligning purpose, values and effort will be the hallmarks of a great employee. Andrew Armour sets out the need for collaborative working in Why Superteams Win In … Continue reading

2 Faulty Thinking Patterns Leaders Must Ditch

Faulty Thinking

Most progressive people in business understand only too well that the old paradigm of faulty thinking  has long gone. Examples like “profit before values”: underhand strategies of “the end justifies the means” or  “we are important so we deserve special privileges”  have been exposed and deleted by the best organisations.   … Continue reading

The Leadership Formula – 5 Components For Transformation

leadership formula

Influential Leaders have several components in place, working together, which I call the leadership formula, which compels people to join in with and embrace their leadership. The leadership formula usually involves a number of fairly simple concepts.  Yet, despite the simplicity of such concepts, there still appears to be a … Continue reading