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The e.MILE  blog, is the authorised blog of the e.MILE community and  covers leadership and management development:   Human Resources and Personal Development.  It also cover business services related to People Management or Leadership.


The “MILE” in The e.MILE Community is an acronym for MOTIVATE: INSPIRE: LEAD: ENGAGE.  It is a community of people who believe and actively work towards helping themselves and others to be motivated, inspirational, great leaders and excellent engagers.This community is for those who champion people, individuals, leaders and the teams they lead, and HR Professionals, and understand the best way to achieve great results is through motivating, inspiring, leading and engaging at work. The MILE Community has three purposes:Firstly, it is designed to bring together like-minded people in a community atmosphere to share and celebrate great leadership, management, HR and personal development skills, and expertise. There are many benefits to bringing together joined voices who know what it takes to make the workplace inspiring and rewarding. This community supports that vision.

Secondly, many experts work solo and it can be difficult to take time to network and maintain helpful collaborative relationships. Every moment spent on marketing and social media takes them away from their core work, their expertise and their unique contribution. The e.MILE Community provides a shared platform to help great people get their message out; gives information and help to others so they can easily improve their own platform and so accelerate and increase the potential for transformational change.

Finally, the community is being formed to help leaders, managers, HR professionals and people who want to develop their skills, personal abilities and expertise, by bringing them a host of great experts all together in one place that can help.  Experts bring a host of different styles, skills knowledge and experience. We want people who need that help to find it, easily.


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