5 Mind-set Short Cuts to Overcome Problems


Mind-set – The Winning Factor It’s been a pretty stressful week, and one of the factors which have made it so has been the work I am doing with my daughter helping her set up her online fashion store.  There are a number of factors making the process stressful, not … Read More

 4 Ways to Find Relief When Work is Getting You Down


Finding relief from negative feelings at work are within your power If any of you are familiar with my writing, you know that I believe happiness is a natural state of who we really are and to find one-self to be unhappy is to be out of alignment with our … Read More

How a Director Can Play a Pivotal Role in Organisational Change

The Role of the Director in Organisational Change

As a Director or a senior team member, you have a pivotal role in leading the way for change in your organisation. You’ve set the strategic direction, and the project initiation is underway, your organisation is going through a huge change.  There is an expectation from the majority of employees, … Read More

Strategy – Set Your SAT NAV


Set  Your Strategy: Set  Your SAT NAV I am afraid I am a strategy geek.  What’s wrong with that? You might ask.  Well nothing except when you start developing a healthy eating strategy instead of a diet, or a university funding strategy instead of saving for your child’s uni course, … Read More

Building Reputation Through Your Employees

your secret weapon is your employees they are great PR

Building Reputation through your Employees is always the first step It is even more important to encourage behaviours and demonstrate values which enhance your reputation.  There is a lot of competition out there.  Businesses are growing stronger through the power of networking, collaborating and becoming social.  Great businesses have already … Read More

7 Ways to Get It Right And Give Management The Credit They Deserve


A Management role is a multi-talented one! I have read so many negative reports about management over the last few months that I felt I had to stand up and hurl in a different perspective.   In the past few months, I’ve read quotes such as: “three quarters of employers report a … Read More

3 Leadership Skills To Inspire Team Success

3 leader skills to inspire team success

3 Leadership skills Leaders usually have a balancing act to perform, especially around how much they allow their team to contribute to organisational success, or how much they take upon their own shoulders.   How  well they harness the commitment, effort, skills and effectiveness of their team and how well … Read More

Responsibility – The Road To Freedom


Taking Responsibility is the key to greater freedom Responsibility can be a tough bedfellow.  Today in a couple of separate encounters, one with a 14 year old girl and the other a 40 year old man, I heard how they had recently experienced difficult times in their lives. What both … Read More

Lead Yourself First: Attachment and Letting Go

Non Attachment in Leadership Style

Attachment can become unhealthy We all can become attached at some stage in our lives.  As children we are attached to our parents or other caregivers.  In this scenario attachment is seen as healthy and affirming. When an attachment prevents us from seeing or acting clearly it has become unhealthy. … Read More