The Leadership Formula – 5 Components For Transformation

leadership formula

Influential Leaders have several components in place, working together, which I call the leadership formula, which compels people to join in with and embrace their leadership. The leadership formula usually involves a number of fairly simple concepts.  Yet, despite the simplicity of such concepts, there still appears to be a … Read More

Burying the Hatchet on Work Place Disputes


Disputes at work cost us much more than loss of productivity As we speak I have placed myself at the centre of a dispute. Now for me this is quite a big deal because quite frankly I am against being in dispute per se. The details of the dispute are … Read More

The Hidden Power For Leadership and Life


Everyone has this power, some of us just don’t realise it. When I first began leading and managing teams, I would be irritated by negative and “play it safe” people.  My desire to get on and create great outcomes meant anyone or anything which appeared to block the team power … Read More

10 Steps to Find Balance in the Pursuit of Excellence


Finding balance while pursuing excellence I met with some very dear friends earlier this week, we are friends and business colleagues and so much of the topic of conversation revolves around our respective business issues.  We were recounting our progress with varying amounts of success.  One of my projects is … Read More

The Cornerstone of Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership skills include learning from relationships. Many years ago I worked with a client who was thinking of starting up her own business. She had many talents, and interests with lots to offer. Part of the process of finding out where she wanted to go, why and how she … Read More

5 Characteristics of an Open-Minded Leader

open-minded leader

An open-minded leader can appear anywhere. I remember when I was still in my teens listening to a most fascinating work colleague, who professed to understand how hypnotists managed to tap into someone’s subconscious and get it to take control. In the next breath he would describe his insights gained … Read More

The Emotional Key to a Better Leadership Style

Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Owning Your Feelings Yesterday I was picking a business colleague and friend up from our local train station. After battling the morning rush traffic which was an emotional feat in itself, I got to the station only to discover there were major building works. I … Read More

3 Ways We Block Success


Three Ways We Block Success I’ve often wondered why people don’t as a rule live up to their potential: People with fabulous skills who for many reasons don’t feel the need to use them. A great friend of mine has the interior designer skill of Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen. She tirelessly … Read More

3 Reasons Why A Great Engagement Strategy Isn’t Enough


An ability to create an environment where employees are engaged and encouraged to bring out their self-motivation are “must have” leadership skills. I have worked with many leaders who have made great efforts to put in place a culture which gets the best out of people and gets them involved … Read More

Leaders Make Mistakes Too – 5 Steps to Redeem a Potentially Fatal Error

Mistakes picture

  Ethics, morality and values based leadership are high on any thought leaders agenda right now. Realisation that materialism, self-gain and profit above ethics is no longer tenable, means leaders now have to be really clear their organisational and personal values, not only have to match, but must be demonstrated … Read More