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We have 5 great twitter platforms which include unique content and something for everyone.

@pdiscoveryuk – our main twitter account with over 130k followers and climbing, we post a myriad of up-to-date and useful information.

@MILEblogroll – featuring the blogs of our excellent e.MILE Community currently with a following of over 15k

@MILEHresources – Great up-to-date articles and news from around the world

@MILELeadership – If you simply want all things leadership and nothing else, then this is the twitterfeed for you.

@MILEDevelopment – This is all about Personal Development, with great information, articles and “how to do” tips.

Come join our Linkedin Group:   featuring great discussions and many opportunities to network and meet like-minded people

Our great Linkedin Group, Inspirational, Leadership, Management and Engagement, is a community of bright, knowledgeable and open-minded thought leaders who aren’t afraid to debate and discuss thought-leading topics and great practices and theories.  As a group we also collaborate on a number of projects.

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We have two great Facebook Pages including  The e.MILE Community and People Discovery

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See our company profile on the e.MILE People Development Membership site

As you can see we are keen to hear from you.  We love connecting with like-minded people, whether you are a leader, manager or HR Professional who knows there is a better way or if you are an expert.  Connect with us!


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